Services & Facilities


  • LC-MS/MS-based identification in protein, transcriptomic and genomic databases
  • Shotgun analysis for small- and medium-scale proteomic screens
  • GeLC-MS/MS analysis
  • Relative quantification of proteins using metabolic labelling with stable isotopes or by label-free approach
  • Absolute quantification of proteins by in-house developed method of MS Western
  • Characterization of common protein modifications (e.g. phosphorylation, methylation, acetylation, etc.) by LC-MS/MS
  • Determination of  the molecular weight of  intact proteins and small molecules
  • Validation of structures of small molecules by MSn
  • Basic gel electrophoresis services: on-gel clean-up of protein samples and one-dimensional SDS PAGE; lease and maintenance of equipment for one-dimensional and two-dimensional electrophoresis, protocols and  technical support
  • Protein extraction from cells and tissues
  • Consulting in planning of proteomic experiments, interpretation of proteomics data and follow-up strategies

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Special Expertise:

The MS Facility performs proteomic analysis in complex natural mixtures including protein extracted from solid matrixes and isolated from organisms with an unsequenced genome. The special field of our expertise is proteomics of archaeological organic residues.

Press Release on analyzing kefir dairy from Early Bronze Age.

Cheese crumbs were found on neck and chest of the female mummy called „Beauty of Xiaohe“. The Mass Spectrometry Facility analyzed the ingredients of this kefir cheese. Image courtesy of Y. Liu and Y. Yang

Sample Submission:

Before launching a new project customers are requested to contact the MS Facility leader.
The MS Facility has no on-line sample submission. Please contact us to preschedule the submission of your samples.

Membership in professional associations:

Core4Life – association of biomolecular research facilities