Services & Facilities

"Excellent performance requires excellent support"

Relocating to a different country is one of the most exiting but also one of the most stressful events in people’s lives. That’s why we are here for you and your family.

The International Office helps you to handle the burdens of bureaucracy in order to enable you to concentrate on your research career from the very beginning.

We believe that our services can save you a lot of time, stress and unexpected costs. By helping to manage each stage of the relocation process, from before your arrival to afterwards, is our way of enabling you to feel happy in Dresden and make your stay really enjoyable.

The excellent service facilities of the CBG make it a competitive international Institute and are key to its success; the work of the international office is an integral part of this. 

Moving to Dresden

What some of our scientists said: 
"The International Office is a fantastic asset of the MPI-CBG. Anyone can always count on their extremely efficient work for any kind of issues, including -but certainly not limited to- assisting with the seemingly endless and confusing paperwork (oh, Germany!), which they have perfectly under control and make understandable and accessible. They are always kind and understanding help alleviates any possible feelings of alienation resulting from not speaking German or being unfamiliar with the country's rules, regulations and habits. In my opinion, the I.O. is a fundamental part of the great Services and Facilities of the MPI-CBG, and its importance for us foreigners cannot be stressed enough."

"MPI-CBG's international office is just like having a local family or relatives who help you to settle and you can rely on anything you need outside of your scientific projects."

"Generally it's not easy to establish the life in the foreign country - particularly to obtain and/or renew the residence permit and a good flat. The International Office staff so kindly helps during the whole stay in Dresden: The IO office is like a "home doctor" for general life issues."

"The International Office is definitely a strength of the MPI-CBG, and in my opinion, it is in essence at the heart of the spirit of the MPI-CBG."