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The AIF is open to internal and external users. Please contact us if you are interested in using our services

Please use the CART system for booking our microscopes.

You can read our Mission Statement here, or have a look at some images acquired using the systems available at AIF.

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AIF at EMBO practical course on Lightsheet Microscopy

AIF is offering its services for the EMBO practical course in Dresden

The AIF is participating to the EMBO practical course on Lightsheet Microscopy, which will be held in Dresden between August 2nd and August 11th, 2018. The course will focus on introducing lightsheet microscopy to the next generation of scientists, showing them what can be achieved with the most recent commercial and custom lightsheet microscopes (more information here).

For the whole duration of the course, the lattice lightsheet microscope will be blocked.

The AIF lattice lightsheet gets add-ons!

A new laser and an improved environmental control make the microscope even more flexible

The lattice lightsheet available for booking at AIF gets a new 561 nm laser. The laser, with a maximum power of 500 mW, is seamlessly integrated into the current hardware and software, allowing for using more fluorescent molecules for imaging with the microscope.

In addition, a better environmental control, including a custom made silicon sealer for the sample chamber, will help keeping your samples alive and kicking for longer while imaging! Come and check it out!!!

AIF holding the DIPP 2018 course on Advanced Microscopy

AIF contributed to the DIPP program by holding a two-days course

As a contribution to the formative offer provided by the Dresden International Ph.D. Program (DIPP), the AIF is holding a course on Advanced Microscopy on June 5th and June 6th, 2018. The course will cover topics related to physical optics and microscopy, with a specific focus on the most recent techniques developed for advanced imaging. The aim is to illustrate the principles used in state of the art microscopy in the context of biological imaging.

AIF on CBG news

AIF was recently interviewed by our MTO

AIF was interviews by our local MTO: read the full story here!

EMBO practical course on lightsheet microscopy: apply NOW!!!

Registration closing soon for the next EMBO practical course on lightsheet microscopy

The next EMBO practical course on lightsheet microscopy will be held at MPI-CBG from August 2nd to August 11th, 2018. The course will focus on understanding and using lightsheet microscopes for live cell imaging, and the participant will have the chance of using several cutting-edge research microscopes manufactured by companies as well as custom built setups. Bring your own samples and come back with a ridiculous amount of awesome data!

Apply now here 

AIF visiting Janelia

From February 25th to 28th AIF is visiting Janelia for attending the conference "Frontiers in Microscopy: Technologies and Strategies for Bioimaging Centers Network"

The conference aims at bringing together leaders of imaging centers and program leaders of open access infrastructures. The goal is to create a platform to explore the frontiers in imaging technologies, discuss common challenges, and strategize how the global imaging community can build a common network to tackle the era of “big data” as well as rapid technological advances in microscopy.

Job opening at SCIONICS

SCIONICS Computer Innovations is searching for an Instrument Control Developer

Scionics Computer Innovation, an IT service and software provider specializing in solutions for the biological science research community, is offering a full-time position for a highly motivated instrument control developer.

The main focus is to develop and maintain custom software for controlling scientific devices, in particular novel microscopy setups.

More details here

AIF joins BioDIP

The AIF joins the Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform (BioDIP)

The AIF is happy to join the Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform (BioDIP)! Looking forward to expanding the platform offer and to strengthening the collaboration between the facilities. Read more about the BioDIP network here.

AIF hosts collaborators from Prague

David Stanek and Davide Basello from the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the ASCR are the first official external AIF users!

On 5th and 6th of October 2017, David Stanek and Davide Basello, working at the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the ASCR in Prague, visited the AIF to acquire some cool movies of Cajal bodies of HeLa cells. Imaging was done on the facility's lattice lightsheet scope. Thanks to the very bright emission of coiling-GFP, we could exploit the scope's maximum speed and track their position at high temporal accuracy over several minutes. The AIF is looking forward to continuing this exciting project!!!

Facility webpage goes online

The AIF facility webpage goes online!

Thanks to the help of the MTO facility, the webpage of the AIF is finally online. There you will find links to our booking system and information about the facility mission and services. Come visit us!

AIF officially starts at MPI-CBG

The Advanced Imaging Facility is now officially offering its services for MPI-CBG users

We are proud to announce that the Advanced Imaging Facility (AIF) is officially available for users of MPI-CBG. Please visit our homepage or contact us to learn how AIF can help you and your research!