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Kreysing lab

The lab focuses on questions of how physics shapes and evolves biological systems.
We aim to establish the following paradigms:

i)    Reaction-transport-systems have long been supposed to underlie a multitude of morphogenetic and developmental programs. We demonstrate how light-induced perturbations of cytoplasmic flow can be used to test reaction-transport-systems in-vivo. Our examples for this are a) C. elegans PAR polarization and b) germline specification.

ii)  past:  Nuclear architecture is highly conserved among all vertebrate cells. We currently showing that the only known deviation from this pattern serves to improve vision in mammals. next: we try to apply what we learned from the retina to make other tissues transparent (ERC funded)

iii)    We recently discovered that phase-separated RNA-rich protocells can spontaneously assemble in temperature gradients. We aim to show that these protocells can evolve life-like properties when exposed to appropriate physical selection pressures, a project funded by the VW foundation.

Current Lab Members

Name Position Email Phone
Erben, Elena Guest student
Jain, Manavi Hiwi
Jha, Ankita Hiwi
Kreysing, Moritz Group Leader +49 351 210-1310
Seelbinder, Benjamin Postdoc +49 351 210-2946
Stoev, Iliya Dimitrov Postdoc +49 351 210-2944

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Max Planck Institute
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Pfotenhauerstr. 108
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Phone +49 351 210-0