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Like most arthropods Drosophila melanogaster is a sterol auxotroph and shapes its sterolome based on the available food source. Our collaborators recently showed that diets (yeast or plant food) impact the acclimation to lower temperatures drastically where plant food supplying polyunsaturated fatty acids and phytosterols improves development and survival (Brankatschk et al., 2018). To reduce the lipidome complexity and study food preferences and adaptations to the cold fast and reliable sterol quantification is needed. We offer the method to quantify the 8 major sterols (phyto-, fungi, and mammalian sterols) from the same sample used for lipidome analysis by direct infusion mass spectrometry. Having this technique in our hands we set out to elucidate the cold acclimation in wild flies caught around Dresden (in collaboration with the Julius Kühn Institute) and to study the impact of single sterols supplied in a synthetic diet on the lipidome and proteome of OregonR wildtype flies.

Oskar Knittelfelder