Science & Society

The Dresden Forum on Science & Society was established to foster a discussion of the social, economic, and political impact of modern life sciences.

We know that the research we do is important and paves the way for innovative applications - and we tell the public so. However, we also want to hear from the public about their concerns: What they are afraid of, uncertain about, where they see the red lines of modern research. And we want to ask: What are new opportunities for scientists today, and what are the challenges they have to face? How will science and technology improve the human condition? So Science & Society really is the attempt to establish a dialogue with the public.

Moreover, Science & Society wants to raise awareness – especially among scientists – of the impact of scientific research on our society. Finally, we are interested in broadening the horizon of everybody in the Institute with input from other fields than biology. To achieve this, public seminars and workshops are held with diverse speakers from varied fields. The series is intended to present a broader perspective on science and also communicate information in a manner that is accessible and comprehensible to members of the public that do not have a scientific background.

The latest program from Science & Society is a concept called “The History of Science.” The program kicked off in April 2013 celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Watson & Crick discovery of the structure of the DNA.