Singing self-organisation

Finissage of "terra incognita" with crowd choir

A crowd of people is singing – without a given melody or rhythm, just with some key rules. A collective sound will evolve, those being part of it will be audience and choir at the same time. 

"Singing Self-Organisation" will be the world premiere of such a kind of experiment on 3 February 2012 at 19:00 at the ALTANA Galerie (Helmholtzstraße 9, Dresden). It is the finissage event which officially closes the exhibition "terra incognita".

Sound artist Ulrike Sowodniok from Berlin and Grit Ruhland from Dresden have developed the project together with the ALTANA Galerie Dresden and the MPI-CBG. You do not need any skills to be part of the experiment - just be open.

Come and become part of the crowd!

There are three more live performances that night: „Paradies!“, „A Lifetime“ and a music performance by composer Frieder Zimmermann. Seize this last chance to see 50 exhibits of contemporary art, experiments, and installations.