Remembering a brilliant scientist

Celebrating the life and science of Prof. Suzanne Eaton

Prof. Suzanne Eaton © MPI-CBG

Today, we are remembering professor Suzanne Eaton, whose life came to a tragic end in Crete on July 2, 2019. Suzanne was an exceptional and inspiring scientist, a loving spouse and mother, as well as a truly wonderful person beloved to us all. She developed new and groundbreaking approaches to understanding how cells communicate with each other to form tissue. Suzanne's team was able to explain how chemical signals are spread over long distances in tissues and how they interact with physical forces to regulate tissue development.

In memory of her, we planted a memorial garden with a plaque to honor her in front of the institute as a quiet place to reflect and think about science. In March this year, the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) launched a fellowship in memory of Suzanne. This EMBO New Venture Fellowship supports young researchers from across the life sciences to enter a new field or bring a new direction to their work. The aims of the Fellowship are to connect different perspectives, lead science down new avenues, and stimulate collaborations. Suzanne encouraged others to overcome the challenges of entering new fields for the benefit of intellectual and scientific advancement.

Suzanne will be forever with us through her brilliant scientific ideas and findings that will be further investigated by her colleagues in the future. 

Suzanne is dearly missed by us all.

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All publications (link to publications list of Dye lab)

Some of Suzanne’s key work is:

Eaton, Suzanne & Auvinen, Petri & Luo, L & Jan, Y & Simons, Kai. (1995).
CDC42 and Rac1 control different actin-dependent processes in the Drosophila wing disc epithelium.
The Journal of cell biology. 131. 151-64.

Suzanne Eaton, Stephen Cohen
Wnt signal transduction: more than one way to skin a (β-)cat?
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Valentina Greco, Michael Hannus, Suzanne Eaton
Argosomes: a potential vehicle for the spread of morphogens through epithelia.
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Daniela Panáková*, Hein Sprong*, Eric Marois, Christoph Thiele, Suzanne Eaton
Lipoprotein particles are required for Hedgehog and Wingless signalling.
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Anne-Kathrin Classen, Kurt I. Anderson, Eric Marois, Suzanne Eaton
Hexagonal packing of Drosophila wing epithelial cells by the planar cell polarity pathway.
Dev Cell, 9(6) 805-817 (2005) 

Reza Farhadifar*, Jens-Christian Röper*, Benoit Aigouy, Suzanne Eaton, Frank Jülicher
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Helena Khaliullina, Daniela Panáková, Christina Eugster, Falko Riedel, Maria Carvalho, Suzanne Eaton
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Benoit Aigouy, Reza Farhadifar, Douglas B Staple, Andreas Sagner, Jens-Christian Röper, Frank Jülicher, Suzanne Eaton
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Maria Carvalho, Dominik Schwudke, Julio Sampaio, Wilhelm Palm, Isabelle Riezman, Gautam Dey, Gagan D Gupta, Satyajit Mayor, Howard Riezman, Andrej Shevchenko, Teymuras V. Kurzchalia#, Suzanne Eaton#
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Development, 137(21) 3675-3685 (2010) 

Maria Carvalho*, Julio Sampaio*, Wilhelm Palm, Marko Brankatschk, Suzanne Eaton#, Andrej Shevchenko#
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Andreas Sagner, Matthias Merkel, Benoit Aigouy, Julia Gaebel, Marko Brankatschk, Frank Jülicher#, Suzanne Eaton#
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Curr Biol, 22(14) 1296-1301 (2012) 

Wilhelm Palm, Marta Maria Swierczynska, Veena Kumari, Monika Ehrhart-Bornstein, Stefan R. Bornstein, Suzanne Eaton
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PLoS Biol, 11(3) Art. No. e1001505 (2013)

Marko Brankatschk, Sebastian Dunst, Linda Nemetschke, Suzanne Eaton
Delivery of circulating lipoproteins to specific neurons in the Drosophila brain regulates systemic insulin signaling.
Elife, 3 Art. No. e02862 (2014)

Matthias Merkel, Andreas Sagner, Franz Gruber, Raphael Etournay, Corinna Blasse, Gene Myers, Suzanne Eaton, Frank Jülicher
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Curr Biol, 24(18) 2111-2123 (2014)

Jonathan Rodenfels, Oksana Lavrynenko, Sophie Ayciriex, Julio Sampaio, Maria Carvalho, Andrej Shevchenko, Suzanne Eaton
Production of systemically circulating Hedgehog by the intestine couples nutrition to growth and development.
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Raphael Etournay, Marko Popović, Matthias Merkel, Amitabha Nandi, Corinna Blasse, Benoit Aigouy, Holger Brandl, Gene Myers, Guillaume Salbreux, Frank Jülicher, Suzanne Eaton
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Elife, 4 Art. No. e07090 (2015)

Marta Maria Swierczynska, Ivona Mateska, M Peitzsch, Stefan Bornstein, Trian Chavakis, G Eisenhofer, Valéria Lamounier-Zepter, Suzanne Eaton
Changes in morphology and function of adrenal cortex in mice fed a high-fat diet.
Int J Obes (Lond), 39(2) 321-330 (2015)

Helena Khaliullina, Mesut Bilgin, Julio Sampaio, Andrej Shevchenko, Suzanne Eaton
Endocannabinoids are conserved inhibitors of the Hedgehog pathway.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U.S.A., 112(11) 3415-3420 (2015) 

Sebastian Dunst, Tom Kazimiers, Felix von Zadow, Helena Jambor, Andreas Sagner, Beate Brankatschk, Ali Mahmoud, Stephanie Spannl, Pavel Tomancak#, Suzanne Eaton#, Marko Brankatschk#
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Dev Cell, 33(3) 351-365 (2015) 

Oksana Lavrynenko, Jonathan Rodenfels, Maria Carvalho, Natalie Dye, Rene Lafont, Suzanne Eaton, Andrej Shevchenko
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Raphael Etournay, Matthias Merkel, Marko Popović, Holger Brandl, Natalie Dye, Benoit Aigouy, Guillaume Salbreux, Suzanne Eaton, Frank Jülicher
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Elife, 5 Art. No. e14334 (2016)

Natalie Dye, Marko Popović, Stephanie Spannl, Raphael Etournay, Dagmar Kainmüller, Suhrid Ghosh, Eugene W Myers, Frank Jülicher, Suzanne Eaton
Cell dynamics underlying oriented growth of the Drosophila wing imaginal disc.
Development, 144(23) 4406-4421 (2017)

Marko Brankatschk#, Theresia Gutmann, Oskar Knittelfelder, Alessandra Palladini, Elodie Prince, Michal Grzybek, Beate Brankatschk, Andrej Shevchenko, Ünal Coskun, Suzanne Eaton#
A Temperature-Dependent Switch in Feeding Preference Improves Drosophila Development and Survival in the Cold.
Dev Cell, 46(6) 781-793 (2018)

Stephanie Spannl#, Tomasz Buhl, Ioannis Nellas, Salma A Zeidan, K Venkatesan Iyer, Helena Khaliullina, Carsten Schultz, André Nadler, Natalie Dye#, Suzanne Eaton
Glycolysis regulates Hedgehog signalling via the plasma membrane potential.
EMBO J, 39(21) Art. No. e101767 (2020)

Ivona Mateska, Kareena Nanda, Natalie Dye, Vasileia Ismini Alexaki, Suzanne Eaton
Range of SHH signaling in adrenal gland is limited by membrane contact to cells with primary cilia.
J Cell Biol, 219(12) Art. No. e201910087 (2020)