Real cells! Real animals! Real scientists!

Dresden Science Night 2012

During Dresden Science Night, the MPI-CBG will open its doors for the public and show what we do.

Be ready to visit us on 6 July 2012 from 18:00-1:00. Learn more about the MPI-CBG at our many stations, see spectacular science, live cells and model organisms, and try some hands-on experiments.

Drinks and snacks will be available in the cafeteria.


kids program
Frogs, fish, and cells
Want to do experiments like a real scientists? With gloves and lab coat?
No prob! We have all you need.
There's a gene puzzle, you can examine zebrafish eggs or - yuck! - your saliva under the microscope.

Prof. Wieland Huttner:
Neural stem cells and brain evolution

During brain development, neural stem and progenitor cells divide and generate neurons.
Which genes are involved in this process?
Are there any medical applications one could use these stem cells for?

HIV and music
When a cell is infected by the HI virus, the virus will smuggle its genome into the host cell.
You will learn how this happens - and also hear it in music.

from 18:00
Human vs. Robot
Ever tried to pipette as fast as a robot?
You can also direct these robots with your vocal chords using a coloured solution.
Limited to 20 people

The DNA Cookery Show
Did you know you kitchen was a perfectly equipped lab for DNA extraction?
We will use banana or onions.
This might fundamentally change your attitude towards cookery programmes! 

from 18:00
Why did the fly fly?
All you have ever wanted to know about Drosophila.

from 18:00
Head or Tail?
Amazing Schmidtea mediterranea will show you their regeneration show.
How do they know where to grow the tail or the head?

from 18:00
Molecular Motors and Nanorobots
So tiny and so efficient: See some really cool bionanotechnology!
A joint presentation of the MPI-CBG and B CUBE (TU Dresden)

Tiny Things XXL – Electron Microscopy
Get a guided tour through the Electron Microscopy Facility and learn how samples are prepared.  
Limited to 20 people, takes 45 mins.

from 18:00
Transgenic Flies
Red and green fluorescent fruit flies - what a colourful mix!

from 18:00
Embryology in 4D - Modern imaging in developmental biology
Video microscopy recordings will show development of crustacean
embryos from fertilized egg to fully-formed organism. Live crustaceans
will be also available to observe under the microscope and learn about
new approaches used in bioimaging to study the emergence of organismal form.
Organizers: Anastasios Pavlopoulos and Carsten Wolff

from 18:00
Of Mice - and men?
Visit the Transgenic Core Facility and see DNA fragments being injected in a blastocyst.
How can you knock-out a gene?
What are embryonic stem cells?

Tell us what you think! – The Dresden Forum on Science and Society
Genetic privacy? GMOs? Designer babies?
The forum will discuss hot button issues with you.
By the way, ever been to one of our Science Cafés at GrooveStation?

from 18:00
Science behind the scenes
What do scientists really look like?
What do they do in their spare time?
Do they have spare time at all?
See funny shots and pictures from everyday life in our labs.

Jazz Groove Trio Tadelblau
The best soundtrack to listen to while explorind the institute:
Jochen Aldinger (electric organ), Volkmar Hoff (drums) and Max Loeb (electric guitar).