Lifelong Learning

Seniors Academy lecture series winter term 2017/18

The winter term of the Dresden Seniors Academy has started. Like every year since 2003, the MPI-CBG offers a seminar series entitled "Microcosm Cell". This program is targeted at retired people in Dresden, who can enroll and hear lectures at the Technische Universität Dresden. The talks are a perfect chance for postdocs and for predocs to learn the basics of science communication by giving a talk in front of a non-scientific audience.

All lectures are in German and will be held from 14:30–15:30 in the MPI-CBG Auditorium on the dates listed below. Everybody is welcome!

17 October 2017
Elisabeth Nüske:
Origami in der Zelle – Faltung, Form und Funktion von Proteinen
Origami in the cell – folding, form, and function of proteins

5 December 2017
Mohamad Almedawar:
Wie Zigarettenrauch unseren Blutgefäßen schadet
How cigarette smoke damages our blood vessels

16 January 2018
Dr. Barbara Stepien:
Wie lässt man sich ein großes Gehirn wachsen?
How to grow a big brain?

6 February 2018
Dr. Marcus Jahnel:
Der Spaghetti-Effekt zur molekularen Krafterzeugung
The spaghetti-effect for molecular force generation

13 March 2018
Dr. Satu Kujawski:
Alles steht Kopf - wie wissen Epithelzellen, was oben und unten ist?
Everything is upside down – how do epithelial cells know what is top and bottom?