Funding for Women in Science

FOR WOMEN IN SCIENCE award for Anne Wuttke

Anne Wuttke, "FOR WOMEN IN SCIENCE" - awardee 2018; © Peter Böttcher/L’Oréal

Anne Wuttke, postdoc in the research lab of Marino Zerial at the MPI-CBG, is one of three awardees of the 2018 FOR WOMEN IN SCIENCE program. This funding program supports young female scientists in combining their career and family life. Anne Wuttke is a mother of three children and studies basic cell biological processes in order to gain a better understanding of those processes in the healthy and diseased liver. In doing so, Anne focusses on the endosomal system in the liver physiology, which could help to provide insights into disease mechanisms.

The "FOR WOMEN IN SCIENCE" Program was created by the UNESCO Commission and the L’Oréal Foundation. Together with the foundation of Nobel Laureate Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, they honor and support young female scientists who are also mothers. Three awardees are identified each year and receive 20.000 Euro each to support them in combining their career and their family lives: 400 Euro a month help to finance child care or household help. With this support, women in science get a chance to spend more time with their families while furthering their careers. 10.000 Euros of the prize money go to the institute to implement measurements that help to improve the work-life balance for young families, for example setting up a family room. 

Furthermore, another young scientist of the MPI-CBG received a fellowship of the Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Foundation. Elisa Maria Rieckhoff, a PhD student in the research lab of Jan Brugués has a one year old son and works on the size of biological structures and what determines them. Specifically, she is interested in the first cell divisions of a developing embryo. The aim of the Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Foundation is to facilitate the progress of highly qualified women with children in science. It intends to enable young mothers to gain greater flexibility and time for their scientific work. Financial assistance will be given for decreasing the amount of time spent with household tasks and for additional childcare.

Congratulations to both!