Dresden eats colorful!

MPI-CBG and CSBD attend 'Banquet for Everyone'


For the 4th time, the big open-air dinner “Dresden isst bunt – A Banquet for Everyone” took place on the Altmarkt, to demonstrate the hospitality and cosmopolitanism of Dresden. In the evening of June 5th, everyone was invited to sit down at one of the 250 tables forming a huge star-shape table. Many Dresdeners and Non-Dresdeners came by, brought their favorite food and made it a truly multicultural and colorful banquet. While sharing a meal, people could talk to each other, make new friends, sing or dance together. The event was complemented by a vibrant cultural program, such as live-music, artistic performances, open-air Tango, kids-painting, and much, much more.

As a flagship of internationality, the MPI-CBG and the Center for Systems Biology Dresden actively supported the event with an own table. Over 10 international scientists from both institutions brought their local specialties and shared it with the people coming by. Amongst the colorful menu were dishes from Israel, Philippines, India, USA, Malaysia, France, and Iran.

The campaign "Dresden Eats Colorfully - A Banquet for Everyone" was initiated by the Cellex Foundation and the alliance "Dresden Respekt". It is financed by donations from more than 40 local companies and associations, and supported by over 90 cultural partners.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to a special evening of bringing people together!