Tours and Kids Tours at MPI-CBG

The MPI-CBG offers guided tours for individual groups. All tours are free of charge. A standard tour takes 90 minutes, tours for elementary school kids take 60 minutes and for preschool kids 45 minutes. Groups should not exceed 25 people. Tours generally take place Tuesdays 10am.

If you are interested in joining a guided tour of the MPI-CBG, please send an email to or call Christina Kuss (+49 351-210 2805).

Guided tours at the MPI-CBG

Look behind the scenes of modern research in a guided tour of the labs of the MPI-CBG. Take this opportunity to learn more about what scientific research really means. See rows upon rows of deep blue tanks with zebrafish in the Fish Facility, live worms crawling under the gaze of a microscope lens, and a beautiful rooftop view of the castles along the Elbe River Valley. Over 50 nations are working here under one roof, in an architecturally-significant building that fosters communication and echoes our flat organizational structure. And watch scientists at work at the institute that was voted the number one place in the world to do a postdoc in the "Best Place to Work" survey and the most family-friendly institution in Dresden in 2012.

Kids tours at the MPI-CBG

Kids of all ages are welcome to explore the labs and facilities at the MPI-CBG. They can learn how scientists work and why we have showers in the labs. They can see the fish facility with zebrafish in 2,500 tanks and feel how cold a cold room is. Kids can also observe worms under the microscope and try some pipetting. After the tour and a short quiz they will receive a certificate that proves they are "MPI-CBG Expert Junior Scientists".