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»Insight must precede application.« - Max Planck

Our understanding of phenomena and the world around us is based on basic research, which is a fundamental theoretical or experimental quest for new knowledge and the exploration of the unknown. It is driven by curiosity and the desire to expand our knowledge and stimulates new ways of thinking. Hence, basic research is performed without thinking about a practical end goal, a specific application or a solution to a problem. 

Without Basic Research there is no Innovation
In basic research, the unexpected is expected. Unanticipated scientific breakthroughs can sometimes be more valuable than the outcomes of agenda-driven research. Basic research lays the foundation for advancements in knowledge that leads to practical applications. Without the new knowledge founded on basic research, innovation is hardly possible. 

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The Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics is where top international cell and developmental biologists, geneticists, physicists, and computer scientists come together to explore and understand the inner workings of life, specifically how cells form tissues.

Our interdisciplinary Institute invests extensively in state of the art technologies and we develop new technologies necessary to realise the research mission. As part of the Max Planck Society, our aim is to serve society through our research discoveries. Your donation can have great impact each and every year.

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