Head of Administration

The head of Administration coordinates the Facility Management, Finance Department, Personnel and Purchase. The Finance Department advises and supports the Institute management on all issues regarding finance and controlling in the day-to-day business and on a strategic level. It is in charge of planning and monitoring the liquidity of the Institute, manages the budget, and guarantees a correct accounting in close cooperation with the administrative headquarters of the Max Planck Society. Moreover, the Finance Department prepares cost calculations for scientific and administrative investments, develops the cost-performance analysis tools of the Institute, and manages tax-related issues and issues concerning the regulations on spending public funds.

Ivan Baines
Head of Administration
Phone: +49 351 210-2700

Facility Management

The Facility Management of the MPI-CBG coordinates space and infrastructure. This includes the technical management of the building: maintaining and operating machines, overseeing the phone system, managing keys and garbage, offering caretaker services, looking after heating, being on top of fire protection, and many more tasks. Regarding the infrastructural management, the Facility Management team oversees services like cleaning, switchboard, laundry, green area maintenance, or winter service. Furthermore, they are responsible for the MPI-CBG guest- house, the canteen, and the inventory. The Facility Management is also in charge of the project management for construction measures.

Melanie Raupach
Head of Facility Management
Phone: +49 351 210-2360


The Personnel Department is responsible for everything concerning staff issues. Being in close contact with the Max Planck Society, the Personnel Department informs about and helps implementing new regulations, and advises the institute management in all personnel matters. It is involved in staff planning, classification, recruiting new people, and creating job descriptions for vacancies. Members of the personnel department are responsible for data protection of the staff members’ personal data, and manage authorizations at the institute, like access authorization.

Petra Seiler
Head of Personnel
Phone: +49 351 210-1040


The Purchase Department is processing national and EU-wide tendering procedures and allocates services and goods according to the public procurement law. The members of the Purchase Department are also advising research groups regarding customs, delivery and procurement issues, and are supervising the incoming goods and storage unit.

Madeleine Keydel
Head of Purchase
Phone: +49 351 210-2536