How do cells form tissues?

We want to understand how cells form tissues and how these tissues develop into complex organisms.

Decoding Diversity

We want to understand the molecular principles underlying the development of organisms and how they brought about diversity.

Going into the unknown

We develop new technologies that make the invisible visible and simulate biological processes to understand life.

What makes cells tick?

We want to understand how cells function in detail, how they communicate, and how they organize intracellular exchange.

We are the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG)

We do pioneering basic research. 500 curiosity-driven scientists from over 50 countries ask: How do cells form tissues? Our research programs span multiple scales of magnitude, from molecular assemblies to organelles, cells, tissues, organs, and organisms.

23 Feb 2019

Investigating the origin of our greatly-expanded neocortex by introducing a key gene into ferret embryos. Research……

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21 Feb 2019

One week left to register with abstract for an abstract-selected talk at #EMBOmzt.…

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21 Feb 2019

It was wonderful to attend incredible #EMBOphaseseparation course @mpicbg @EMBO Big thanks to amazing organizers……

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20 Feb 2019

⚡️ “EMBO Practical Course on Phase Separation” @HymanLab @EMBOevents…

18 Feb 2019

Adding Biophysics to the Mix

Interview with Stephan Grill, new director at the MPI-CBG

31 Jan 2019

Science Café on Dresden rails

Discussions about the Universe: Microscopically Small - Infinitely Wide

25 Jan 2019

Flatworm Funding by Behrens-Weise-Foundation

Jochen Rink receives support for comparative analysis of flatworm regeneration

22 Jan 2019

Stefan Diez is new Max Planck Fellow

Strengthening the ties between the TU Dresden and the MPI-CBG

Mar 28

13:30 - 16:00 / MPI-CBG, Auditorium

Girls' Day

How to become a scientist?

Girls' Day

Jul 11

9:20 - 10:50 / Toepler-Bau,  Mommsenstr. 12, Hörsaal 317

Senior's Academy

Genetic basics of brain size

Senior's Academy

Aug 27

14:30 / MPI-CBG, Auditorium

Senior's Academy

Let’s build a Cell

Senior's Academy