First impressions of Dresden are that it is a glittering metropolis but by no means one that has been polished smooth. Here in midst of the beautiful Elbe valley, you encounter one of the most enchanting Baroque cities in Europe.


Dresden is the capital of the Free State of Saxony, the most south-easterly of the 16 federal states in Germany. Only two hours drive to the north lies the capital Berlin and to the south Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The city with its more than 540,000 inhabitants not only has a strong cultural attraction, it is also the political, economic and scientific centre of the Free State of Saxony. Dresden is home to numerous research institutes and universities, among them the TU Dresden, which in 2012 was honoured with the title of 'elite university'.

“Was there, was great!”

Those who attend meetings, team building or incentive activities in Dresden bring a lot of the buzz home with them. A motivational boost that’s not at all surprising: The classic beauty and splendour of the city, the warmth of its residents and the unique Saxon joie de vivre simply make for the perfect mixture.

Burning the midnight oil: Dresden-Neustadt

The extensive district beyond Albertplatz looks very much the way it was when first laid out. Impressive rows of buildings punctuated by narrow alleys, distinguished-looking mansions interspersed with secluded inner courtyards – Dresden-Neustadt is a contrasting mix of lovingly restored residential and commercial buildings, of elegant cocktail bars and traditional pubs, exclusive boutiques and fashionable outfitters. Highly recommended for an evening’s entertainment are Outer Neustadt’s music clubs, bars and cafés – the antithesis of Dresden’s genteel Old Town.

Science is everywhere in Dresden – except in the ivory tower.

Dresden is a leading research and development centre in three important fields: Scientists working in microelectronics, nanotechnology and biotechnology/life sciences seek answers here to issues we’ll all face in the future. At the same time, a close-knit network of innovative scientific enterprises ensures an effective and free exchange of knowledge. This "Dresden Spirit", the close, uncomplicated cooperation between research facilities, universities and business makes Dresden the city with the highest researcher density in all of Germany. With 11 universities including the TU Dresden, the only "Excellence University" in the new federal states, Dresden has long been synonymous with "science".

text: taken from the Dresden Incentive Guide by the Dresden Marketing Board.
pictures: Sven Döring, Daphne Myers