Services & Facilities

Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) have the potential to differentiate into every cell type in the human body and are a powerful in vitro model system for life sciences and medical research in diverse fields such as cell and developmental biology, drug discovery, and regenerative medicine.

The Organoid and Stem Cell Facility (OSCF) provides user lab space, teaching and services in the field of stem cell biology. The facility provides cutting-edge stem cell technologies and services that are beyond the capacity of individual research groups and helps researchers to integrate the use of pluripotent stem cells into their work and helps with reagents and technical support for staff and students using them.

Services: include

  • Thawing and expansion:
    • Aseptic processing/passaging
    • Expansion, supply of undifferentiated cells
    • Bulk-expansion
    • Colony picking
  • Cryopreservation, bio-banking
  • Characterization and Quality Control:
    • Expression of pluripotency markers (FACS, IF, PCR)
    • Assessing differentiation potentials
    • Authentication (STR Fingerprinting)
    • Genetic integrity (g-banding, SNP-Array)
    • Microbial contamination (sterility, mycoplasma)
  • Quarantine
  • Gene editing pipeline together with the Genome Engineering Facility (GEF)
    • See GEF web-site for further information
  • Technical and experimental assistance
    • Protocol development
    • Support for project planning and ethical approvals
  • Assistance with cell differentiation into different lineages/progenitors
  • Assistance with organoid derivation, maintenance and differentiation
  • Training
    • Hands-on expertise of maintaining and manipulating of PSCs in tissue culture.