Services & Facilities

Computer Services

It is the Computer Department’s goal to provide innovative services and not just basic support. We are dedicated to providing fast and flexible solutions to aid in the advancement of scientific research. We will continue to study and progress in our own discipline so that we can supply the latest technology to the Institute community.

The MPI-CBG network consists of mainly Macintosh computers for security, stability, and ease of use. Windows is available with justification. We use Solaris on the server side to provide massive amounts of storage and backup capacity. Linux is used for workstations, the cluster, and some servers.

Infrastructure design and implementation:

  • UNIX Backbone

    • A large quantity of storage space
    • A backup structure capable of handling hundreds of terabytes of data

  • Network

    • High speed redundant LAN
    • Institute-wide wireless network

  • Clients

    • Seamless integration of Macintosh, PC, and UNIX clients
    • Hardware and instrument integration for research purposes

  • Centralized web data distribution

    • Data shared through a database-driven intranet

Walk-in service:

  • Daily support requirements
  • Expertise offered

    • Networking
    • Computer ordering and advice
    • Email
    • Applications
    • Hardware
    • Installations
    • Printers
    • Web support