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We could not resist but to show off with our videos at the Cell Picture Show on lightsheet microscopy. Cell makes is difficult to link to the actual videos - you are interested in videos number 2, 3 and 12 ;-). We are showing previously unpublished data in the spirit of open access and shameless self-promotion. Platynereis dumerillii data were collected and processed by Mette Handberg-Thorsager when she was still at Janelia Farm using Philipp Keller's SimView microscope. The one and only Stephan Saalfeld rendered them beautifully. Drosophila melanogaster recording comes from Valia Stamataki and showcases the power of Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 in combination with Fiji SPIMage processing. Parhyale hawaiiensis (pictured) is the product of relentless work of Tassos Pavlopoulos and Bejamin Harich and takes us on a journey through four days of the life of a shrimp at cellular resolution. This is the FUTURE. 

A year later, Nature Methods features another paper from our lab, this time on OpenSPIM. For some reason the beautiful rendering made by Michael Weber didn't make it for the cover :-), so we share it at least here. Nature Methods wrote an editorial on open access hardware which is available here. A bit more detailed and specific blog entry on Nature Methods Methagora blog features lots of our ideas and pictures. It is probably the last time our names will appear in the same article with a guy called Barack Obama ;-). People at labrigger liked our instructions very much. If you are interested we write about OpenSPIM's trip to South Africa on the wiki. HFSP featured an article about OpenSPIM on their web site and in the broadly distributed HFSP newsletter. Let's not forget about parallel project that shows remarkably convergent open access hardware thinking OpenSPINMicroscopy.

In July 2012 Nature Methods published an excellent Focus on Bioimage Informatics that includes four papers from our lab. The cover was a cherry on the cake. MPI-CBG press releases : Double-hattrick at Nature Methods Reconstructing the cow from carpaccio Press release on HFSP web site: Fiji Is Just ImageJ – an open source platform for collaborative research in biological image analysis. The cover and the issue coincides with the release of new Fiji plugin Cover Maker that is for making covers.

Pavel participated in the Science technology webinar on light sheet microscopy. Although speaking into the camera while being burned by spotlights is clearly not my thing, its worth seeing what my partners in crime, Ernst Stelzer and Lars Hufnagel, had to say. Overall a fun event in Washington DC professionally orchestrated by Sean Sanders.