Research Groups

General Contact Information

Max Planck Institute
of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
- Tomancak -

Pfotenhauerstr. 108
01307 Dresden

Phone +49 351 210-2670
Fax +49 351 210-1389

Current Lab Members

Name Position Email Phone
Bailles, Anais Postdoc
Brillard, Charlène Postdoc
Cossermelli Vellutini, Bruno Postdoc +49 351 210-2751
Cuenca, Marina Predoc
Girstmair, Johannes Postdoc +49 351 210-2987
Handberg-Thorsager, Mette Postdoc +49 351 210-2785
Lalit, Manan Predoc +49 351 210-2664
Mejstrik, Pavel Technician +49 351 210-2569
Petzold, Max Hiwi
Serafini, Giulia Predoc
Tomancak, Pavel Group Leader +49 351 210-2670
Yadav, Vinca Predoc +49 351 210-2434

Alex T. Kalinka

Alex studies the mechanisms of evolution of gene expression during Drosophila embryonic development.

Helena Jambor

Helena is interested in understanding the impact of RNA localization on the development of Drosophila ovary.

Tobias Pietszch

Tobias has a strong background in computer vision and will apply his skills to segmentation and registration of SPIM recordings of Drosophila embryogenesis.

Stephan Saalfeld
PhD student

Stephan uses approaches from computer vision to reconstruct and analyze massive serial section transmission electron microscopy acquisitions of Drosophila nervous system.

Kayserili, Melek Asli
PhD student

Asli is studying the divergence of embryogenesis processes in different Drosophila species using transgenesis and transcriptomics techniques.

Vineeth Surendranath
PhD student

Vineeth studies the divergence of gene regulatory networks in evolution using informatic analysis of deep sequencing data.

Maria Bogdanzaliewa

Maria makes and characterizes genomic fosmid libraries in different Drosophila species.

Pavel Mejstrik

Pavel screens for gene expression patterns in various tissues using high-throughput RNA in situ hybridization.

Peter Pitrone

Pete builds SPIM microscopes optimized for imaging Drosophila embryogenesis.

Former lab members

Stephan Preibisch
Former PhD student

Stephan developed the stitching and SPIM registration tools, contributed to Fiji, ImgLib and many micro-array related projects in our and other labs at the CBG.

Currently he is working with Rob Singer and Gene Myers pendling between Janelia Farm and MPI-CBG, funded by HFSP

Radoslaw Ejsmont
PhD student turned post-doc

Radek developed tools for reverse genetic manipulation of genes within large genomic transgenes - FlyFos system.

He is currently doing a Postdoc with Bassem Hassan funded by EMBO.

Karolina Varga (formerly Jaztrzebowska)
former PhD student

Karolina was working in our lab on he hourglass model of developmental evolution. She is currently in Oxford in the lab of Ilan Davis.

Manonmani Arunachalan
former PhD student

Manonmani was working on sequence determinants of gene expression patterns. She continues this type of work at Duke University in the lab of Uwe Ohler.

Michael Weber
former Master student

Michael was imaging patterns of gene expression during Drosophila embryogenesis using SPIM. He currently does his PhD in Jan Huisken's group at the MPI-CBG.

Kamil Lipinski
former Hiwi

Kamil was working on the FlyFos libraries. He is currently doing his PhD at the ETH Zurich in the laboratory of Wilhelm Krek.

Radostina Shopova (formerly Izhakarowa)
former Master student

Radostina was developing a protocol for dual color fluorescent RNA in situ hybridization.