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Max Planck Institute
of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
- Rink -

Pfotenhauerstr. 108
01307 Dresden

Phone +49 351 210-1260
Fax +49 351 210-1289

Current Lab Members

Name Position Email Phone
Andreas, Heino Technician +49 351 210-1415
Brochier, Thomas Predoc +49 351 210-2425
Cleland, James Predoc +49 351 210-2745
Dickmann, Johanna Predoc +49 351 210-2469
Frank, Olga Predoc
Grohme, Markus Postdoc +49 351 210-2427
Ivankovic, Mario Predoc +49 351 210-2488
Kluiver, Kasper Guest
Lee, Jun Hoe Postdoc +49 351 210-2639
Poddar, Aayush Hiwi
Rink, Jochen Group Leader +49 351 210-2435
Vila Farré, Miquel Postdoc +49 351 210-2475
von Kannen, Stephanie Technician +49 351 210-2784
Vu, Hanh Thi-Kim Postdoc +49 351 210-2401
Weill, Uri Postdoc
Yadav, Vinca Predoc +49 351 210-2434

Heino Andreas
Chief Planarian Welfare Officer, Germany

My job in the lab is to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of each and every worm.

Julia Japtok
Student helper, Germany:

I help taking care of the planarian species collection by feeding and cleaning the animals. I also started to characterize and compare different species.

Stephanie von Kannen
Technician, Germany:

I am responsible for lab organization. Besides, my research focus is on raising antibodies against planarian proteins and trying to make them work.

Shang-Yun Liu
PhD student, Taiwan:

I am interested in investigating the molecular mechanisms during planarian regeneration, especially how signaling pathways coordinate with each other and how changes in signaling networks affect regeneration ability between species.

Sarah Mansour
PhD student, Egypt:

I am generally interested in understanding polarity and how it is established and propagated through out the planarian tissue. During my PhD, I would like to establish tools to visualize organismal polarity on a cellular level, which will then allow me to investigate the kinetics and mechanisms underlying the establishment and propagation of tissue polarity.

Jochen Rink
Group Leader, Germany

I first fell victim to flatworm fascination during my postdoctoral research and have not been tempted by other model systems ever since. Besides the usual group leader chores, my role in the lab and beyond involves the search for new planarian species in the most unlikely places.

Julia Stertmann
Student helper, Germany:

I have a strong personal interest in working in the exciting field of regeneration and would like to do my PhD someday. Therefore I am expanding my existing knowledge in diverse biological during an Internship in this group, studying the ability of planarians to recover and regenerate by specific cell culture assays and anti body generation.

Tom Stückemann
PhD student, Austria

My personal interests are focused on developmental biology. I am especially fascinated by self organizing patterning systems. How such patterning systems arise de novo in regenerating planarian tissue fragments and how signaling systems generally shape and scale the planarian body plan is what I would like to understand during my PhD thesis.

Albert Thommen
PhD student, Switzerland

I am interested in the cellular dynamics, i.e. the temporal and spatial organisation of cellular activity, underlying tissue formation and maintenance in planarians.  Furthermore, I aim to understand how cell turnover is controlled and adjusted to promote regenerative processes as well as changes in body size under different feeding conditions.

Miquel Vila Farré
Postdoc, Spain:

I am interested in how individual cells compete and cooperate within an organism and how these interactions influence the fitness of the individual at the population level and thus its evolutionary success. To this end, I combine molecular techniques with taxonomy, population biology and ecology.

Malikmohamed Yousuf
Postdoc, India:

I am interested in dissecting the potential heterogeneity of the planarian stem cells (“neoblasts”) and in addressing how molecules orchestrate their differentiation into distinct lineages.

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