Research Groups

Pigino Lab at MPI-CGB

From left to right: Gaia Pigino, Ludek Stepanek, Petra Kiesel, Mareike Jordan, Shruthi Krishnan, Gonzalo Alvarez Viar, and Guendalina Marini

Defense of Ludek

Ludek successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations!!

Lab Retreat October 2016

Night Out with the Lab to Celebrate the Science Paper

A- and B-Tubules

A discovery was made that could change our understanding of IFT:
The transport system of the Frankfurt Airport seems to rely on the structure of A- and B-tubules …

The structural conservation is amazing!

Lab Impressions

Yet another experiment:
Making soap from oil and lye at Gaia's place.
The results were convincing.
Danger is all around beyond the lab.
But nothing scares our brave Gwen.
Birthday in the atrium of MPI
A coffee? Better two of them …
Junior scientists are recruited!

Retreat in Prague