1. Postdoc rep/co-rep
Alexis was introduced as the new rep. Ilya will be sticking around to help her out as co-rep.

2. Career symposium
Oct 10th and 11th at the CBG. New features this year include non-academic reps from industry and a career counselor who will run workshops and one-on-one sessions. Still looking for volunteers to help out with the postdoc panel discussion for the PhD students. Email Helena (jambor@mpi-cbg.de) or Antonio (domingue@mpi-cbg.de) to volunteer.

3. Seminar speaker.
Simone will be taking over for Zoltan to organize our annual invited speaker.

4. Retreat.
The general consensus was that the new format from this year (~10 invited postdoc speakers from other institutions together with ~10 MPI-CBG postdocs) was good and should be continued. However, the location of the Retreat wasn't our favorite and we won't be returning there next year.

We will begin planning for next year's retreat and this will begin in earnest at the next postdoc meeting. Time to start thinking about your suggestions for outside speakers and retreat locations!

5. Postdoc email list.
Alexis will send a reminder email to the staff email to encourage/remind postdocs to join the listserv. Ilya will check with Matt about making sure both "postdoc" and "post doc" are automatically included from the staff database.

Thanks to everyone who attended and hope to see more of you at the next meeting!