1. Job Market Mentoring workshops - Several people have contacted interested faculty mentors. If you are planning to participate and haven't done this yet, please email your mentor ASAP! We will be planning an informal kick-off meeting (during a Meet-the-Speaker beer hour) in early March. Another email with more information on this will be coming soon.

Ilya also discussed his experiences with his recent job search. This will be written up and posted on the postdoc website - here.
2. Update on Postdoc retreat - The Postdoc retreat will be the 4th through the 6th of June at Schloss Scharfenberg, located on the Elbe between here and Meissen. We have invited 10 speakers from across Europe as voted on last week. If you would like to attend, you MUST SIGN UP with Alexis, Simone or Michaela. There are approximately 15 slots remaining. SIGN UP NOW!

3. Need volunteer to take over "Career Event" organization - Dave Richmond offered to help with these events. Petrina Delivani has offered to help part-time as well. If any else is interested, please let me know.

4. Marketing for Scientists - Marc Kuchner, who wrote this book has agreed to come to Dresden to run a series of workshops for us. We are currently working out dates. This will be part of the "Career Event" series that will take the place of the Career Days with the Predocs in the fall.

5. Postdoc Website - Use of the Postdoc website was discussed. Most people said that they rarely visit the site (it's linked from the external CBG page) and mainly feel that it's good for people who are thinking about coming to the CBG. It was suggested that we add more information about current and previous postdocs - and that it's personnel's responsibility to keep track of this, not the postdocs. We also would like to add testimonials about life here at the CBG. Hugo Bowne-Anderson agreed to write this section. Finally, we would like to keep a "discussion board" section hopefully more up-to-date with events and minutes from previous meetings. Remember, if you have something to add to the website, forward it to Marta.

Alexis Webb