1. Career Day - speakers needed for postdoc workshop
2. retreat wrap-up - everyone was happy with the location and details, but many were unsure about whether we would want to go back for the third year in a row. Also,April-May was mentioned as an optimal time, rather than later in the year.
3. Marta Luz was renominated and reappointed as webmaster.  Congrats Marta!
4. Zoltan gave an update on the postdoc speaker (Daniel St Johnston)
5. some details about stipend raises were discussed.  See announcements.
6. an idea was forwarded by Uenal to set up a symposium for "senior" postdocs from around Germany to visit the MPI-CBG and give talks.  Opinion was somewhat divided on the format, but generally people thought this was a good idea.

Ilya Levental