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The MPI-CBG remembers Marwa El-Sherbini Date posted: 01.07.11 09:19, Age: 4 yrs

By: Florian Frisch

Moment of silence today at 12:00 noon

Today, people at the MPI-CBG remember Marwa El-Sherbini. The management of the institute asked all staff to join them in taking a moment to reflect upon this tragic event that deeply shocked us two years ago, and which is still deeply engraved in our memory. White roses on all cafeteria tables serve as a symbol for this silent commemoration.

Marwa became the victim of a racially motivated attack and was fatally stabbed. Elwy, her husband, and at that time PhD student at our institute, was seriously injured. This attack destroyed a young family, and it also hit at the heart of the international spirit that we wish to foster in Dresden. The scientific community cares about ideas, independent of nationality, religion, or skin colour, and we all enjoy the benefits of a multicultural environment every day.  

Please all join us and stand for a moment of silence today at 12:00 noon at the MPI-CBG to remember Marwa.  

Thank you all.