Date: Tuesday, 02.09.2014
Time: 10:00
Speaker: Wolfgang Vukovich
From: Dynamic Biosensors GmbH, Martinsried, Germany
Title: Protein and Nucleic Acid Analysis with an Electro-Switchable DNA Chip - switchSense
Location: Seminar Room 1st floor
Host: Barbara Borgonovo
Date: Tuesday, 02.09.2014
Time: 14:30
Speaker: Carolyn Fritzsche
From: MPI-CBG, International Office, Dresden, Germany
Title: Aus dem Alltag des International Office
Location: Auditorium
Host: Seniorenakademie
Date: Wednesday, 03.09.2014
Time: 14:00
Speaker: Pavel Tomancak
From: MPI-CBG, Dresden
Title: Open Access Science
Location: Seminar room Galleria
Host: Pimp Your Postdoc Series
Date: Thursday, 04.09.2014
Time: 11:00
Speaker: Víctor Borrell
From: Instituto de Neurociencias, CSIC & Universidad Miguel Hernández, Alicante, Spain
Title: Developmental mechanisms of cerebral cortex expansion and folding
Location: Auditorium
Host: Wieland Huttner
Date: Friday, 05.09.2014
Time: 11:00
Speaker: Gerald M. Rubin
From: Janelia Farm Research Campus, HHMI, Ashburn, USA
Title: Mapping Structure and Function in the Fly Brain
Location: Auditorium (big half)
Host: Gene Myers
Date: Tuesday, 09.09.2014
Time: 16:00
Speaker: Francis Stewart
Title: From Systems Biology to Tranlational Research
Location: Auditorium
Host: DIPP Vision Talks
Date: Wednesday, 10.09.2014
Time: 14:00
Speaker: Jan Peychl
From: Pimp your Postdoc Seminar Series
Title: Scientific services and facilities: Helping you succeed
Location: Auditorium
Host: Postdocs
Date: Wednesday, 17.09.2014
Time: 14:00
Speaker: Wieland Huttner
From: Pimp your Postdoc Seminar Series
Title: Everything you always wanted to know about being a group leader* (*but were afraid to ask)
Location: Auditorium
Host: Postdocs
Date: Thursday, 18.09.2014
Time: 11:00
Speaker: Pascale Cossart
From: Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
Title: Host-pathogen interactions: from endocytosis to organelle targeting. Lessons from Listeria.
Location: Auditorium
Host: Marino Zerial
Date: Thursday, 25.09.2014
Time: 11:00
Speaker: Karsten Weis
From: ETH Zurich, Institute of Biochemistry, Switzerland
Title: Regulation of macromolecular transport in eukaryotic cells
Location: Auditorium
Host: Simone Reber / Postdocs