Date: Tuesday, 27.01.2015
Time: 10:00
Speaker: Ulrich Sauer
From: Senior Application Consultant, Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH
Title: Microdissection: Bridging the gap between microscopy and molecular analyses
Location: Seminar Room 2nd floor
Host: LMF
Date: Thursday, 29.01.2015
Time: 11:00
Speaker: Irina Solovei
From: Ludwig-­Maximilians‐Universität München, Germany
Title: Mechanisms of heterochromatin positioning in the nucleus
Location: Auditorium (big half)
Host: Moritz Kreysing
Date: Friday, 30.01.2015
Time: 11:00
Speaker: Daniel Castano-Diez
From: MPI for Brain Research
Title: Dynamo: a flexible software tool for subtomogram averaging of CryoET data
Location: Seminar room Galleria
Host: Gaia Pigino
Date: Monday, 02.02.2015
Time: 11:00
Speaker: Periklis Pantazis
From: ETH Zürich
Title: Advances in whole embryo imaging: a quantitative transition is underway
Location: Auditorium (small half)
Host: Caren Norden
Date: Tuesday, 03.02.2015
Time: 11:00
Speaker: Graham Bell
From: Epithelial Biology Laboratory, Cancer Research UK, London Research Institute, Lincoln’s Inn Fields,
Title: The roles and regulation of the Drosophila Lgl tumour suppressor in cell division
Location: Seminar room Galleria
Host: Nadine Vastenhouw
Date: Thursday, 05.02.2015
Time: 11:00
Speaker: Alex Gould
From: MRC National Institute for Medical Research, London, UK
Title: Protecting neural stem cells from environmental stresses in Drosophila
Location: Auditorium (big half)
Host: Jochen Rink
Date: Tuesday, 10.02.2015
Time: 16:00
Speaker: Stephan Grill
Title: The Mechanical Basis of Morphogenesis
Location: CRTD Auditorium
Host: DIPP Vision Talks
Date: Thursday, 12.02.2015
Time: 11:00
Speaker: Jochen Wittbrodt
From: Ruprecht‐Karls‐Universität Heidelberg, Centre for Organismal Studies (COS), Germany
Title: t.b.a.
Location: Auditorium (big half)
Host: Sylke Winkler
Date: Tuesday, 17.02.2015
Time: 11:00
Speaker: Prof. Stanley Osher
From: University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Title: What Sparsity and L1 Optimization can do for you
Location: Auditorium (big half)
Host: Myers Lab
Date: Tuesday, 24.02.2015
Time: 11:00
Speaker: Prof. Matthias Seeger
From: Amazon Berlin, Machine Learning Group
Title: Variational Bayesian Inference and Experimental Design
Location: Auditorium (big half)
Host: Myers Lab