The Tilling Facility provides a tool to screen for potentially deleterious point mutations of any gene of interest in various model organisms on a large-scale format.

We are able to identify permanent mutants in model organisms such as the zebrafish, for which methods such as homologous recombination in embryonic stem cells are not working so far, AND we isolate allelic series of mutations, for example non-lethal or conditional mutations that are influenced in a temperature-sensitive way.

Services include:

  • Generation and handling of TILLING libraries in various model organisms in collaboration with research groups at the MPI-CBG and the Biotech (zebrafish, worm, and fly)
  • Expertise in primer design, gene annotations, data handling
  • PCR-based screening of TILLING libraries for point mutations by direct sequencing
  • Provision of founder animals that carry potentially deleterious mutations such as nonsense and/or missense mutations in any gene of interest