Caren Norden

Movie 1

Timelapse movie of retinal nuclei expressing PCNA-GFP mosaically. Cell cycles can be followed over time and cell cycle phases are readily identifiable (pauses in movie with white arrow labels). Images were taken every 5 minutes at 60x magnification.

Quantitative analysis of cell cycle dependent nuclear movement.

Movie 2

X/Y view of a 4D movie of Interkinetic Nuclear Migration in the zebrafish retina. All nuclei are labelled by H2B-GFP and images were deconvolved for better spatial resolution. Images were taken every 2min at 40x magnification.

Movie 3

Y/Z view of Movie 2.

Automated segmentation of all nuclei for tracking analysis (collaboration with Ivo Sbalzarini, ETH-Zurich)

Movie 4

Single cell behaviour of a Horizontal cell before polarisation. Cells are labelled by Ptf1A an amacrine and horizontal cell marker. At this point we try to understand the relevance of cell-cell contact before division and if and how division angles influence cellular outcome.